Platinum Parking is all about garage management and parking consultation since starting in Dallas in 2000 with a single location. We now operate over 261 facilities in 12 cities and 7 states. Our growth is a direct result from the close attention that we pay to each of the facilities that we manage. This attention to detail translates into improved operations and maximum financial performance at our facilities.

Platinum Parking is a subsidiary company of Robbins Parking Service Ltd. based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (Robbins). Robbins started business in 1967 and has grown to manage over 250 surface parking facilities, garages, and on street parking operations with gross revenues in excess of $30 mil per year. In 2004, Robbins acquired Platinum Parking and has found success in implementing tried and true systems and methodologies to improve and grow our company. In 2009, Platinum Parking acquired a Dallas based valet company, Advantage Valet, in order to expand our available services for our clients. In 2011, Platinum Parking acquired a Houston based parking company, Merit Parking, in order to expand our current client base in several cities and expand our operations to new markets. 2016 expanded the Eastern Market acquiring Georgia Valet and again in 2018 USA Parking in Cleveland Ohio.

Platinum Parking currently operates ten full-service offices in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Atlanta, Cleveland and New Orleans. Platinum Parking’s national headquarters is located in the heart of Downtown Dallas. With a large client presence in each of the markets that we are located, Platinum Parking knows the types of activities and the specific needs that are involved with a large office building complex in a dense, multi-use urban area.

Platinum Philosophy, Platinum Objectives

We simply want to be the best at what we do, which is providing quality service to our clients and customers. We want to grow our business, but not at the expense of our existing relationships. As a boutique parking operator, we provide an unmatched level of service to our clients, to which any one of them will attest. We view all of our client relationships as partnerships and with that, we work hard to improve service, increase revenue and minimize expenses. The following core values outline Platinum Parking’s key corporate principles:


Demonstrating caring and compassion in our interactions with others, respecting and promoting the value of a diverse workforce and an inclusionary attitude.


Approaching parking and transportation solutions in a forward-thinking manner and fostering in each other an entrepreneurial spirit.


Employing the best of each other’s talents, through a collaborative approach to achieving optimum solutions.


Fulfilling our promise to be responsible and accountable through a diligent and pro-active work ethic, and achieving the highest standards in everything we do.


Operating always with good business ethics, treating our customers, clients and each other with respect, and being honest with and trusted by all our stakeholders.


Promoting high standards of proficiency and knowledge. Ensuring we are well informed and able to apply a hands-on approach to providing solutions in an effective and efficient manner.


Applying a focused determination allowing us to exceed our expectations.

Platinum Parking and Our Community

Platinum Parking understands the importance of being a good neighbor and being involved in the community around each of our client’s facilities. Being involved with local and regional organizations greatly benefits our clients, our company, and our customers. In Dallas, Platinum Parking works closely with local organizations including Downtown Dallas, Inc., the Dallas Arts District, BOMA Dallas, The Real Estate Council, the Dallas Regional Chamber, the Dallas CVB, Dallas Chamber of Commerce and others to maximize the usage of the parking facilities, to provide our clients and customers with current neighborhood information and also provide community support in each of the cities that we are located. Platinum Parking is already a member and/or supports many of the local organizations listed above.

In Houston, San Antonio, and New Orleans, Platinum Parking is a proud member of Commercial Real Estate for Women (CREW), Building, Building Operations and Management Association (BOMA), and the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM). Platinum Parking partners with Susan G. Komen Houston to secure affordable parking for this highly attended event each year in Downtown Houston. Platinum Parking has served on several committees for large events such as the Super Bowl, Final Four, and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo to lend parking expertise to the local organizing committee for the host cities as well as providing the leasing of our parking locations for event staging and volunteer parking.

Area Relationships

Platinum Parking has developed relationships and partnerships with many property owners, property managers, companies and organizations within Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston and New Orleans. Platinum Parking leverages these area relationships to maximize the usage and revenue for each of our parking facilities. By working closely with the local municipalities, community organizations, local non-profits, area businesses and many others, our clients can be confident that Platinum Parking is seeking every opportunity to incorporate the facilities that we manage as a parking solution for the area.

Organizations We Partner & Support

Dallas & Fort Worth

Booker T. Washington
Metropolitan Dallas YMCA
Snowball Express
McKinney Avenue Transit Authority
Downtown Dallas Inc
Greater Dallas Chamber
Dallas BOMA

Houston, San Antonio & New Orleans

Support the Troops
Dress for Success
Camp Hope
Susan G. Komen – Houston
Habitat for Humanity
Toys for Tots

Platinum Parking Recycling Program

Platinum Parking has adopted the mission of recycling to reduce, reuse and recycle. At all of our locations, including our main offices and company headquarters, Platinum Parking staff participates in a company-wide recycling program. Recycling bins are located in each office to collect recyclable materials including paper, plastic, glass, electronics, textiles and metals. Platinum Parking coordinates recycling programs with the onsite property management, community organizations or third party contractors, where applicable.

Our Value Statement

We are a boutique parking company, so our clients receive our focused attention; however, we also have extensive experience and resources behind us. We simply want what is best for our clients. When you work with Platinum Parking, you deal directly with the decision makers. Being a mid-sized, boutique company, decisions are made immediately, locally, efficiently and effectively.

Platinum Parking managers are responsive and accountable. Our clients can expect the same level of service from all levels of our management. We encourage our clients to call us at all hours of the day and night and we respond.

Our proven, hands-on approach to facility management improves customer service, minimizes expense and maximizes revenue for our clients. At Platinum Parking, we actively manage our facilities. Each parking facility is overseen by an experienced manager who is responsible for every aspect of the operation. Platinum Parking’s objective is to exceed the expectations of our clients and customers.

Platinum Parking Service with Robbins Parking Systems

Platinum Parkings’ parent company, Robbins Parking, was founded in 1958 with one lot. The business was built not as much a physical entity, as a service business where value and integrity reigned supreme. Robbins established a centralized parking management system which is able to bring proven systems of operations and efficiency to every parking lot that Robbins manages.

The company’s proven hands-on approach maximizes revenue, saves money and delivers a superior product, not just for customers, but for property owners, managers, and businesses which surround the lot.

The core values of Robbins were passed on to a new family member with the acquisition of Platinum Parking in 2004. Through mindful, smart, deliberate growth, Platinum has embraced the attributes which made Robbins a success.

The Value Of Platinum Parking

Platinum Valet

Provide guests the highest level of convenience with curbside valet parking and leave them with a lasting impression. One of the best ways to stand out against the competition is to offer an exclusive service like valet. Going the extra mile for your guests will always be appreciated.

Parking Management

Platinum Parking provides parking management services to property managers and owners. Our services include parking lot operations for both commercial and residential properties, temporary and event parking, and outsourced parking solutions. We manage all types of properties from multi-story garages to small surface lots, and operate parking facilities under parking management agreements and leases.

Platinum Equipment

Platinum Parking has had great success with the hardware and software used for producing and tracking parking violations. The TicketManager software is provided by APARC Systems is a complete solution for a parking enforcement program. Together with real-time wireless connectivity and durable handheld technology, the TicketManager system is revolutionizing the parking enforcement industry; generating increased revenue for our clients from the increased efficiency and productivity of their infield officers.

Platinum Execution

Getting your parking planning and execution right the first time and from the beginning will be your difference maker in having sustainable engagement and success with parking services.

Platinum Tracking

Tracking your parking revenue, expenses and deliverables will help clarify the experience of your tenants and clients. Platinum Parking will help you understand the results and what they mean to your bottom line.

Platinum Service

We welcome you to contact Platinum Parking with questions about parking lot locations, making payments, monthly parking special services like event parking and jury parking.